Look Forward to a Happy, Stress-Free Holiday!

As Christmas music blares while I mentally calculate a holiday discount; I can’t help but think that the holidays, as bright and glowy as they seem, can be a stressful time.  Company parties, family plans and Christmas shopping to boot, our schedules are as packed as the mall parking lots.  With all the hustle and bustle, this is a perfect time to hone our stress management skills and build our capacity to meet life’s ongoing demands.

Being busy should not equate to daily headaches, fatigue or a sense of overwhelming anxiety.  Listed below are some tips that will be discussed in the upcoming weeks on how you can look forward to a happy, stress-free holiday:


Part 1: Knowing when you’re stressed

Part 2: Control your stressors:  Creating change and avoiding over-indulgence

Part 3: Handling holiday stress

Part 4: Setting up for a stress-less new year

Follow my blogs through December, as I discuss different stress management strategies to survive the holiday hoopla. 

To wrap up the year on a healthy note please email me to schedule an appointment for your personalized treatment plan.  For more information about me, Sophia Ma, ND visit www.EnvisionHealthND.com.



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