My Purpose as a Naturopathic Doctor

There are many challenges to be faced when committing to a new relationship, but the biggest challenge is recognizing and sharing the expectations you have for yourself and the other party. This is true for all relationships including that of the doctor and patient.


This piece is dedicated to myself and my patients as a reminder of the intent I hold each time I engage in a therapeutic relationship.  Some may say that this should be obvious to a doctor, but even clear waters can be muddied and the simplest matters complicated.  I would like to use the personal guidelines outlined below as a beacon to help me stay true to my patients as an ND.

My purpose as a naturopathic doctor:

To provide hope for my patients.

To share knowledge so that my patients can effectively participate in their treatment.

To help my patients recognize their strengths so that they are inspired to advocate for their own health.

To create a space safe enough for my patients to explore their fears so that they are empowered to achieve true healing.

To ensure my patients leave each visit with a sense that they are cared for.

This is my purpose as a naturopathic doctor.  As I move forward in my career, I do not and cannot guarantee a cure but I aim to provide the next best thing:  Hope, care and health through knowledge, inspiration and empowerment.

In good health,

Sophia Ma, ND


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