A naturopathic doctor’s return to the blogging world

  Welcome back,

After a long hiatus I have returned to the wonderful world of blogging.  During the months away I’ve graduated from naturopathic medical school, survived an intense set of licensing exams and now am finally SOPHIA MA, ND ( cue: streamers and balloons)!


Never have I been more excited about my career as a naturopathic doctor. I have set to work lining up a series of interesting topics ranging from dealing with the flu to men and women’s health, diabetes to anti-aging.  I will be blogging weekly around a specific topic each month.  If there are topics that you are interested in reading about please feel free to comment and make a suggestion.

I’d also like to introduce my new website: www.EnvisionHealthND.com.  Here, you can check out the naturopathic services I offer and find the answers to your burning questions about naturopathic medicine.

I will be available at The Corrective Healthcare Group, Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 10:00am – 7:00pm.  To schedule an appointment please call (416) 281-0640 or email mail@EnvisionHealthND.com.

Look out for my upcoming blog on my purpose as an ND.



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