Diet prolonged!?!? @&%$!!!

Having been on a very restrictive meal plan avoiding a multitude of food sensitivities while simultaneously doing the anti-candida diet (see “Dairy and gluten and soy, oh my!”) , my only motivation was being able to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Under the impression that the anti-candida diet would last 4 weeks you can  understand my dismay when I was told that in order for a complete eradication of the candida and further improvement in my symptoms (brain fog, poor memory and morning phelgminess) I will have to remain completely sugar free (this includes fruit, honey, agave and starchy vegetables) for another 6 months!

My initial reaction to this news was to find the nearest source of pastries and wallow over a delectable donut, croissant or danish. Upon further thought I realized the obvious health improvements that I’ve experienced and the obvious aggravations suffered when I fell off the wagon (see “And soo….I Cheated!”).  I also realized that this might be my biggest test and best opportunity to prove to myself and future patients that a restrictive diet can be achieved long term.

So, in an attempt to convince myself to embark on this 6 month gut healing, body cleansing, candida ridding  marathon I have decided to take things day by day.  Currently I am scouring libraries and the world wide web for any and all resources, particularly recipes, that will help support me on this seemingly never ending diet.  Some really great resources discovered so far include:

1. – a great intro to the candida diet, it offers diet recommendations and recipes for each of the 3 phases of the diet and explains the importance of proper anti-candida and detox supplements.  They also send out a newsletter with guiding steps for the candida diet.

2. – a website explaining why the human diet should not include grains and how a paleolithic diet can be therapeutic for chronic modern day diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and autoimmune conditions.

3. – a goldmine of creative recipes and one of the reasons why I think I can make it on this crazy diet, it offers a variety of dessert and breakfast ideas for anti-candida diet sufferers.

4. Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas – a well written book with  chapters focused on specific health conditions and explanation, as well as research to support why a paleolithic diet is truly beneficial to our health.

5.  Delicious detox by Carol Moreley – a simple, easy to follow cookbook, complete with shopping lists and daily meal plans for those trying to avoid common allergens in their foods.

6.  Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook by Alissa Segersten & Tom Malterre – a larger compilation of allergy-free recipes along basic cooking tips, a food substitution chart and a 28 day elimination and detoxification plan.

If you have any resources to share please do so in the comments box!  Any help is welcome; in particular I am looking for something of a unicorn – a gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free (including fruits) biscuit or cake to satisfy some pretty intense sugar cravings.

Thanks for reading!


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