I trust the wisdom of my body – meditation challenge day 4


 In Ayurveda the science of life, the goal is always to return the body to the level of perfect balance that lies within each person no matter how ill.  Conventional wisdom tells us that if we want to find this balance and be healthy, we must take care of ourselves.  However the real secret to lifelong health is actually the opposite, we must allow our bodies to take care of us.  

I trust the wisdom of my body.

~Deepak Chopra


Today’s message from Oprah and Deepak was a reminder of how much we do to  optimize health without  giving ourselves and our bodies the chance to work things out on their own.  If we have a fever we reach for Tylenol, if we have indigestion we reach for Tums, if we are upset we reach for the phone to seek counsel.  Always, the instinct is to seek external aid but rarely do we attune ourselves to what is happening internally to our bodies.

We trust in the medical advice given to us by doctors and in the remedies our friends swear by but we often fail to recognize and trust in the messages that our bodies offer us.  When tired we try to stay up another hour, if stressed we continue to run about completing this and that task, being hungry we continue to starve ourselves and when full we carry on eating.


Your body knows all you need to know

If we are better able to understand our bodies, we are better able to provide it with what it needs to take care of us, no more, no less.  We want the best for our bodies and it also wants the best for us but without proper understanding and communication we may misinterpret the signs and symptoms that are bodies are giving us as it tries to restore itself and heal ourselves.


Take the next few minutes to tune in, what is your body telling you?  Is it asking you to rest? Digest? Relax? Love yourself?


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