And sooo…..I Cheated.

My potluck gone awry.

3 weeks into my nazi diet (see “Dairy and Gluten and Soy, Oh My!”) and I finally broke down.  Faced with a beautiful spread ranging from bacon onion quiche, Trinidadian potato dumplings to a DQ ice cream cake, I caved and stuffed my face and belly with all the trappings of a successful potluck party.

20 minutes and 2 plates into my feast it hit: severe bloating and cramps, a heaviness that can only be attributed to the potato dumplings, dull brain, and most tellingly, joint pain (often my body’s response to alcohol).  I was in sheer discomfort and pretty sure I looked as green as I felt.  “You ate too much, you were too greedy!” my best friend scolded, but she and I both know that greediness is my typical mealtime style.  I LOVE FOOD! All types of food! Which makes this diet that much harder.

Though I could easily choose to feel guilty and ashamed of how readily I abandoned my diet, I’m pretty sure that this potluck debacle was a milestone on this journey to healing my gut.  With my “cheat” I made a connection with my body (something so many of us have lost), I (along with several other party goers,  witnessed how sick certain foods can actually make me which has helped confirm I am on the right track with this diet.

Despite all these lessons, I am still happily looking forward to the day when I can be done with this anti-candida diet and enjoy some gluten, dairy and soy free baked goods with a nice hot cup of java.  Sugar and coffee; two things that help my world go round!


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